The report Russia of Power examines the current state of Russia, as well as its future, from the perspective of security.

The report was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Defence coordinated its preparation. It focuses on three main themes: Russian foreign policy, its military defence and the resources of the country’s defence industry, and Russia’s internal development.

Preparing the report took a year, during which over 40 experts from universities, research institutes and various authorities participated in the work of the three thematic groups.

Assistant professor Katri Pynnöniemi contributed chapters dealing with Russian foreign policy and military defence, while Lt. Col. Petteri Lalu was the main coordinator and one of the contributors to a chapter on Russia’s military defence. Lt. Col. Simo Pesu, in turn, participated and publicized a chapter on Russian Futures.

The Russia of Power report evaluates the country’s current status, as well as factors that could contribute to change or continuity. In addition to evaluating impacts on Russia’s stability and the relations between Finland and Russia, the report also examined security from the perspectives of Finland, the neighbouring areas and the international community more broadly. The project also involved a foresight analysis of the future of Russia.

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