Forsström, Pentti (ed.) (2021) Russian Concept of Deterrence in Contemporary and Classic Perspective. Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu, Sotataidon laitos, Julkaisusarja 2: Tutkimusselosteita nro 11.

Article collection edited by Pentti Forsström on research papers published around the theme of Russia Seminar 2021 has been released. The publication includes articles from the following authors: Kristin ven Bruusgard, Pentti Forsström, Gudrun Persson, Rod Thornton and (Marina Miron), Lester W. Grau, Anya Fink and Daivis Petraitis. The publication offers an illuminating view on the Russian conception of deterrence, one of the main functions of the Russian military power.

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